Thursday, July 9, 2015

Products I Love: OXO Cookie Scoop

Hey Y'all!

Some time back I mentioned that I would like to start doing product reviews periodically since I don't always have new recipes to post each week. Today, I bring you my very first product review!

I love baking cookies (who doesn't?) and my perfectionist side has always been a wee bit paranoid about making sure they're all the same size. A couple of years ago for Christmas though, I received an OXO cookie scoop and making cookies shaped nice became ridiculously easy. Every cookie was the same size and no more messy fingers from scooping dough off of a spoon and onto the cookie sheet. (Not that getting cookie dough all over your fingers is a bad thing.;)) 

These scoops are so handy - and not just for cookies as the name implies! The large size is great for scooping chicken/tuna salad. The medium size is perfect for meatballs. And I like to use the smaller size to put small scoops of ice cream on a brownie for a decorative touch or to stack "perfect" scoops on an ice cream cone. 

I have held cookie scoops from a few other brands just to get a feel for them and compare and I can honestly tell you these have the most comfortable grip. The rubber grips help your hand not to get worn out if you're scooping large amounts of cookies. They also are very sturdy and feel like they will hold up for quite a few years to come. Not to mention my favorite part - they are dishwasher safe! :)

This is a kitchen tool that I would definitely recommend having. I wouldn't say it's necessary to have it in every size, but the medium (1.5 tbsp) scoop would be perfect for most of the foods you would use it with in your kitchen. However, the small (2 tsp) scoop is great for bite size cookies and delicate scoops of ice cream to fancy a dessert up. And the large(3 tbsp) scoop is really handy for jumbo chocolate chip cookies (yum!) or chicken/tuna salad.

If you have one or if you have a cookie scoop from another brand, let me know your thoughts! And if you don't have one, put it on your wishlist! :)

*Disclaimer: The blogger is not being paid to review these products. Any brand names reviewed were chosen by the blogger for her own purposes.*

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