Saturday, September 28, 2013


Welcome to my blog.  This blog has been a thought in mind for many months and finally has come to be.  My mum and best friend were the ones who gave me the idea for a food blog originally.  The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.  I mean, I love food.  Like, really love food.  And I love to write.  So, why not start writing about food?  I think I will enjoy this. And I hope my readers will too.  I'll try to keep the ramblings tolerably short but my mind runs nonstop and writing is where all of those thoughts most often come out. :)  

That Old Oven.  The name of my blog.  Probably the biggest hold-up in me getting this started.  All clever, catchy possible names go into hiding the moment I try and think of a name.  I finally decided on "That Old Oven".  Why?  Because.  The oven I cook in is old.  Very old.  About 50 years old to be exact.  And still works... well, mostly... you have to learn a few tricks to know how to work it just right... add a few steps that they probably don't include in most cookbooks.  Like "Halfway through the biscuits cooking, remove pan from oven and flip all of the biscuits over so that they will cook on both sides".  Or, "Flatten cookies with palm of hand before placing sheet in oven.  If you don't they will stay in little mounds and be burnt on the bottom and gooey inside".  Or, "If the oven fan is rattling too much, give it a good whack. Works like magic".  That is the old oven.  Actually, if you know what the Flair ovens from the 60s looked like then you know what kind of oven I'm working with.

Despite all of that, delicious food still comes out of there.  It amazes me.  But it's also like a challenge.  I watch a cooking show where they're using top-of-the-line ovens and their food comes out perfect and I think "I can do that.  Old oven or not". And when I succeed, it's a victorious moment.  I mean, just take a look at some of the stuff that comes out of it.

Yeah, I like pies.  And that chicken was fabulous by the way.  I'll be sharing that recipe soon.  ;)

Even with all it's quirks it does well.  And here is a girl who has learned to cook all sorts of meals and desserts with That Old Oven. So yes, the name that seemed best for this - That Old Oven.