Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spiffing Up Dinner Rolls

Yes!  I did it!  I really did post a 2nd recipe in a one-week period.  Now to see if I'll continue this streak...

This lovely recipe today comes from the cookbook below that my husband surprised me with a couple of months ago. 

This woman makes some fabulous food and I have fallen in love with many of her recipes.  While looking through the book a few weeks ago, I came across her recipe for Buttered Rosemary Rolls.  It had me at "buttered"! ;)  I knew as I sit there drooling over the photo of the rolls that I HAD to make them - and soon!

It just so happens that I was making the Creamy Sausage Spinach Pasta that week, so I decided to pair the rolls with that dish.  It's super simple because you get to use frozen, unrisen dinner rolls.  The catch there is that they're unrisen so you need to work in the time to let them rise.  Otherwise, they're a piece of cake! 

And you cook them in a cast iron skillet - which automatically makes everything taste better - although if you don't a cast iron skillet (in which case I recommend you go buy one now!) these can be cooked in a cake pan, on a baking sheet, etc.  You just grease the pan, and set the rolls in it with space between them so they have room to expand.

Let them rise and then brush with melted butter.  LOTS of melted butter.  This is the time to be generous! ;)  Then you just sprinkle them with chopped rosemary & coarse sea salt.  And brush them with butter again.  Because there's no such thing as too much butter - at least not in my kitchen!

Then they're popped in the oven and come out golden brown, crusty, and mouth-watering. 

 Eat & enjoy!

I'm giving the Pioneer Woman credit for this one, so you can find the recipe here.  Her photos will really make you want to cook this right away!! :)

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