Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, it certainly took long enough, but I'm back!  Can't believe my last post was at the beginning of February.  I had meant to post something explaining that I would be taking a break from blogging and would be back in the late spring, but forgot!  Long story short - I got married! :)  I was planning a wedding (and starting a new job, and fixing up a house) and in the last few months of it life got hectic and I had to take a break from blogging.  

That hiatus is over now though!  "That Old Oven" will once again have new recipes posted each week.  I'm so excited because I have been trying so many new recipes in my new house that will have your taste buds tingling - desserts, veggies, dressings, meaty dishes, everything!  In an upcoming post, I will have photos of my new kitchen with... get ready for it... a NEW oven! What???  I am in love with my new oven.  I've gotta tell ya, the quirks of 'that old oven' made cooking a little challenging at times.  However, even with my new oven, the blog will still be called "That Old Oven" because after all, I learned to cook and fell in love with cooking (and food!) with the old oven.  

So, no recipe in today's post but I've included a few photos of upcoming recipe posts that you can drool over until I put something up this weekend.  Enjoy. :)