Friday, January 23, 2015

Kitchen Tour!

I am so excited to finally give y'all a tour of my kitchen via some photos! Way back in the spring when I first got married and was getting settled in my new house (with my new oven! ;) ) I had said I would post a "kitchen tour" on my blog and then I never did. Of course, y'all have seen snippets of my kitchen in photos of food for recipe posts, but this is the real deal. ;) So, I finally had a chance last week to take some photos of my (clean) kitchen during the daytime when the lighting was good & am happy to show y'all where it all goes down!

This is, literally, the big picture. Basically the full view of my kitchen from the dining room.  I love how open it is (makes it great for dancing to my favorite tunes while I'm waiting for something to cook!). I'm also a huge fan of the white cabinets & appliances - a little more work to keep clean, but it brightens the kitchen and gives it a fresh feeling.

This would be my NEW OVEN & microwave!  Yep, I parted ways with "That Old Oven" when I moved.  The oven is excellent and I really love the stove top too. This was my first time having & cooking on a glass top stove so I was a little anxious at first that it would be difficult to keep clean or super fragile, but I actually really like it... and it's way easier to clean than the coils! 

My counter tops are a little more cluttered than I would prefer but these are all things that I use multiple times a week if not every day, so I keep them on there for now. I don't know what I would do without my handy utensil crock! It keeps all of my most-used utensils right there at my fingertips & as you can see I've had no problem stuffing it to the max!  I have two recipe boxes - one that I like to have out during the spring & summer, and one that I like to have out during the fall & winter (this one obviously being the winter one).  The butter bell beside it is one of the best things ever invented! If you don't have one or have never seen one, it keeps butter soft & spreadable but also keeps it good by way of cold water that is kept in the bottom portion of it. It really is one of my top 10 favorite kitchen items! I got mine on Amazon - they have a great selection. And yes, that is a bowl of bacon grease - keepin' it real, y'all. I almost removed it from the picture but decided not to because that's pretty typical in my kitchen and this is my kitchen tour after all! :)

Love my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

The sink area - one lone green onion in the jar on the window. You can regrow green onions by sticking them in a jar of water - they regrow in about 3 days! The sponge looks dirty, but it gets cleaned in the dishwasher weekly, so it's just stains. :)

These canisters are literally the favorite thing of just about everyone who has seen my kitchen! Everyone comments on them. I absolutely love them too. Originally I had wanted the stainless steel ones, but I'm really glad now that I got the clear ones. Makes it easy to tell when I need to refill/restock baking supplies! They're a little sad looking right now, since 2 are empty. One needs to be refilled with chocolate chips & the other one did have light brown sugar in it, but I haven't refilled it yet because I noticed that the sugar clumped up so bad in the containers! I guess they aren't airtight enough for brown sugar. So, I'll probably end up filling it with cornmeal from now on instead.

Where I keep my timers as well as a dry erase board on which I write "to-make" lists and sometimes, notes to my husband. ;)  The list below was for my food prep for the past week to make sure we had foods ready for our breakfasts & lunches during the week instead of the same ol' deli or pb&j sandwiches. ...Pardon my handwriting, I don't normally write like that, it just never does look good on a dry erase board. My timers are from Thermaworks & Pampered Chef - both were wedding gifts and two of the best brands you can get for timers!

And I wanted to show y'all this! It's a magnet on my fridge with one side showing measurement equivalents & the other side showing recipe conversions. I got this from the Pampered Chef as well & it has come in so handy! Instead of pulling out a cookbook or Googling a recipe conversion, I've got it right there on my fridge anytime I need it.

And, lastly, the view of my kitchen from the dining room which also shows the extra counter space & extra sink I have for preparing food.  It's also great for entertaining as the perfect place to put appetizers & refreshments while people mingle in both the living room & kitchen. Also a great spot to set up a mini-buffet. ;)

Anyway, that's my kitchen! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Enjoy your weekend & I'll have a new recipe on Monday. :)


  1. Agh I LOVE this! It makes me want to have my own kitchen and take up cooking (;

    1. Doesn't it! I have looked forward to doing this post for a long time because I just love the kitchen so much. You'll just have to come here and cook one day! :)