Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Kitchen Products: Target, Southern Season, & Kroger

Hey y'all! I thought I would write a post and share some new kitchen products I've purchased over the last few months. I haven't gotten anything big, just a few small items that caught my eye while out and about. :)

First - and I think my favorite! - I found these milk bottles at Target. I thought they were so cute & couldn't resist picking them up. And a plus - they were from the dollar spot & cost $3 for the set! I kinda wish I'd bought a second set so we could use them sometime when we have company too & want to make a sweet treat, so I might go back and see if they still have any. Either way, I look forward to using these for chocolate milk, milkshakes, & floats. Just in time for summer! :)

The second item I wanted to share are these little condiment cups I found at Kroger. I was so excited to stumble upon these. They are perfect for sauces & ketchup to go alongside burgers, fries, & other sandwiches as well as holding dressing for individual salads.

Finally, I picked up a few items from Southern Season. I had a gift card for SS & had a wonderful time walking around the store looking at everything multiple times before I chose what I wanted to use the gift card on. It's a really awesome store & if you live near one or are ever traveling near one, check it out!

I bought a flour sifter. (Rather shamefully, I've gone a year without having one!) . . .

. . .A vinegar bottle. I actually bought this with the intention of using it for syrup, but then decided to use it for vinegar and buy something else for syrup.

The last item I got from Southern Season was this sparkling, crystal sugar. I'll use it for multiple things I'm sure, but I bought it specifically to grace my apple pies with. :)

Well, that's it folks! 'Til next time! :)

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