Friday, August 14, 2015

Freestyle Friday: Organizing 'The Utensil Drawer'

Hey Y'all!

I am so excited to be sharing my first Freestyle Friday post. I was a bit delayed getting started on these posts, but I finally have the first one ready to go. In this first post, I am sharing with you all the recent organization of my utensil drawer; more accurately 'The Utensil Drawer'. That ominous drawer in just about every kitchen that becomes the catch-all for every extra spatula, serving spoon, grater, and measuring cup. I cringed every time I opened that drawer - everything was such a jumbled mess! So recently I decided it was time to straighten it up once and for all. Lucky for you all, I didn't get a 'before' photo. However, the photo below shows everything that I had crammed in that one drawer.

Yes, I had all of that crammed in this drawer.

I'm sure you can imagine the disaster it looked like before!

I removed any utensils/tools that were broken or not frequently used, then grouped the remaining items together by type/function.

Once everything was categorized that way, I could better see how it should all be laid out in the drawer. The end result was this.

Like items were grouped together and the most frequently used items took up the front 2/3 of the drawer for easy access.

Less frequently used items such as extra whisks and graters as well as decorative cookie cutters were placed in the back.

Since I was on a roll, I went ahead and straightened up my main utensil drawer too.

As with the other drawer, least used items (large scoop, baster, & panini spatula) were placed in the back. I also placed our pizza cutter in the back - not because it isn't used often! haha - simply because of it's size. The most used utensils/tools were placed in the compartment on the right side of our silverware. The less frequently used utensils/tools were placed on the left side of our silverware.

I went ahead and straightened my utensil crock as well (although it's really hard to tell). These are the utensils I use on a daily/weekly basis which I keep by my stove for easy access. All I did here was separate the sides with spatulas, spoons, and tongs on the right and baking/mixing tools on the left. 

Lastly, I placed any tools that I rarely use in a ziploc bag to go in my pantry. I don't neccessarily want to get rid of the items, but I see no need for them to take up space in a drawer or crock at this time. 

The only broken utensil I had was this one:

The little piece that had these together was broken and they could not function properly without it. I had known that for several months. Why I had held on to them all this time is beyond me. haha ;)

I am pleased to say that these drawers have remained organized for the past 3 weeks now! I think my grouping strategy worked this time. I love how the first drawer just glides open now, it makes me so happy. It's the little things in life y'all, it really is. ;)  One day, if I'm brave enough I'll clean my pantry and can share that with y'all, but until then I'm finished organizing my kitchen.

Stay tuned for next Friday's post! :) I'll reveal the topic of next week's post on my Facebook page Wednesday.

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