Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Scoop (Update)

Hello everyone! Long time no post. :) Spring is finally here & I must admit I've been quite occupied with spring things. I really haven't had much time to write a new post, although my blog & posts that I really have been wanting to write are on my mind constantly. Like every hour, constantly. So, since I haven't had the time/opportunity to post a recipe on here in over a month (!) I decided to give y'all 'the scoop' on what's up & some upcoming plans.

So, first, truth is I've tightened my grocery budget. My husband and I have some savings goals as well as some things we'd like to purchase for our yard/house (i.e. curtains, lamps for end tables, area rug, etc.) so we've tightened our budget to allow for those things. It's been a little hard for me because grocery shopping is to me what shoe shopping is to some women. ;) I have a hard time not overbuying because there are soooo many awesome and wonderful recipes out there that I am just dying to try. Alas, our meals have been rather ordinary lately.(But our budget has been on point!)Add to that the fact that both of us are - how do I want to say this? - improving upon our dietary habits, and basically I haven't been cooking anything particularly rich, or savory, or superbly indulgent. Normally, even on a tight budget I allow for one new, exciting, fatteningly delicious meal per grocery cycle but . . . not for now. *sigh*

On that note, while new recipes are on hiatus (it won't last much longer, I pinky promise) I'm thinking I will post some reviews of kitchen products that I have once a week. And in due time (hopefully no more than a month)I will have scores of new recipes for y'all. :)

Also, since spring is here, I've been working on starting a small garden! I'm going to gradually add more each year, but this year I'm just starting with tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce (possibly), & a variety of herbs. So y'all might be getting a post about that! Hey, it's stuff I'll be using in my kitchen! :)

Anyway, that's the scoop for now! I'll be back with a review next week. :)

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